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Do you dream of traveling to far away places? Of sleeping under palm trees on a nearly empty white sand beach or cruising by traditional wooden boat down the remote rivers of Borneo?

Do you want to discover the beauty of the unfamiliar? Do you want to travel to understand and experience not just to take an instagram picture?

Taken in the small coastal town of Galaxidi in Greece, June 2018

This is how I like to travel – by being the traveler not the tourist.

Be someone who learns local phrases to say thank you or hello. Be the person who wants to learn and discover the local culture, not the person who travels to take the “instagram pictures.” Be someone who visits the local mom & pop shops, not the commercialized areas that feel like you could be anywhere.

Be the person who explores areas like off the beaten track Thailand or remote Indonesia.

Picture this: After waking up on your private traditional wooden Klotok boat (which has western toilets and a shower), you cruise down the rivers of Borneo until you reach the dock. Hop off your boat and follow your guide into the jungle until you get to the orangutan feeding platform and wait.

Wait and watch the treetops until they start to sway with life. Follow their movements and watch as the mother orangutan swings through the treetops to one of the platforms where she can eat bananas with her baby.

October 2018, Tanjung Puting National Park, Indonesia with Audley

If you are lucky, you’ll catch a glimpse of a male orangutan with face pads — called flanges, which could take up to 20 years to grow. Watch as the most powerful orangutan weighs down the trees as he swings towards you, curious as you are.

Male orangutan right after he mated with a female in front of us, October 2018

And before getting to the feeding platforms, there are 16, but we can only visit 4, you will cruise past Proboscis monkey’s sitting in the treetops. A monkey that is endemic only to the island of Borneo.

Female proboscis monkey in the treetops of Tanjung Puting National Park, October 2019… probably calling to another male..

Now are you considering a trip to see these beautiful creatures? Have you always wanted to spend your honeymoon adventuring instead of just sitting on a beach with a Mai Tai?

Well, if this is what you are interested in take my advice and travel to Indonesia. Sure, it’s really hard to get here, but we can help.

My name is Alix, I’m the one on the left in the picture below.

Myself, Holly and Sophie with Audley Travel before we visited Camp Leakey in October 2018

The best way to visit the orangutans in Kalimantan is by sleeping in a traditional wooden Klotok Boat. At night you’ll eat dinner and sleep under the Milky Way after you’ve finished a day watching the orangutan’s in the wild.

While you’re eating dinner, if it’s a clear night, you’ll spot bioluminescent plankton lighting up the river way like a magic carpet ride and fireflies sparking in the trees. Yes, I know. It is magical.

A mother and her baby in Tanjung Puting, Taken October 2018

Now let’s talk about your dream trip to Indonesia. Or Thailand, I also build luxury, tailor-made trips to Thailand.

View my profile here as you are considering your next vacation, your honeymoon, or your next adventure. With my travel experience, combined with your interests, we will design a custom luxury trip to these two countries in Asia. 

Now do I have your attention? Wonder how do you get here?

Let’s first start by explaining how Audley Travel works.

  1. First thing’s first, let us hop on the phone – just give me a ring
    We aren’t your average travel agency or tour operator. There aren’t any pre-packaged, basic-bitch trips. These are totally customized itineraries, built from scratch. So I need your time to understand your goals before we put pen to paper.
  2. After our chat it’ll take me 24hrs to send you a complimentary quote
    After learning about you and your style of travel, your favorite travel memories, the dates you’d like to travel and your budget, I’ll design your custom trip. Then, your job is to give me feedback – this is a collaborative process meant to perfect your trip.
  3. Once the trip is perfect, we ask for a 25% deposit and we’ll be partners until you return fro your vacation
    I’ll be servicing your trip behind the scenes, and 1 month before you leave you’ll receive a full travel binder, we’ll set up a pre-departure phone call 10 days before you departure, and have a phone call upon your return to ensure everything wen’t smooth
Mother and baby taken while touring with Audley Travel in October 2018

So why are you just hanging around dreaming?

Let’s get started!

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