Gardens by the Bay Photojournal

Alix and Larry Cloud Forest

Information about Gardens by the Bay

  1. It’s a recreational and nature park located on the waterfront
  2. Theres 250 acres of gardens, plants, and two indoor conservatories
  3. It’s in Singapore …
  4. It was designed to give Singapore the feeling of being a “City in a Garden,” instead of a “Garden in a City”
  5. It opened in June 2012
  6. In 2006 an international design contest was held for designers to compete for the layout/design of the public gardens. Out of 70 entries, Singapore held 21% of entries and in total 24 countries entered
  7. There were joint winners: two teams – one based in Bath, England and a design practice from London
  8. It is amazing
  9. It’s not that expensive — $28
  10. There is a free lightship called Garden Rhapsody at 7:45pm and 8:45pm in the super trees and its awesome too
Cloud Forest and walkway in Singapore
At 35m the Cloud Forest houses the world’s largest indoor waterfall and plants from around the world. Inside you learn about the different eco-systems and the environment threats they face by man. Learn different ways to travel sustainably to preserve Mother Nature.
Larry with mist coming from the Cloud Forest
Mist coming down from the walkway onto plants in the cooled conservatory
Cloud Forest Singapore
An aerial view from the Cloud Walk
Around mother’s day the Flower dome had a tulip attraction where they brought in a beautiful presentation of flowers from around the world. Check their website for seasonal and changing attractions!
Cloud Forest in Singapore fern aerial view
Aerial view in the cloud forest of some gorgeous ferns from around the world
feet view Cloud Forest Singapore
The treetop canopy view from above.

Singapore Cloud Forest walkway
Facts from the Cloud Forest website: “did you know: 2,577 glass panels of 690 different shapes and sizes were needed to cover the whole 12,000m surface area of the dome.”
Viewing from the bridge leading into the Gardens
venus fly traps
Venus fly traps: The Gardens by the Bay is home to more than 7,00,000 plants
Atop the Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest Sky Walk Observatory
A view of Singapore from the back of the observatories
Supertrees lightship displayed at 7:45 and 8:45

Cloud forest structures

Loving all the greenery!


If you go to Singapore and miss the Gardens by the Bay — you’re doing it wrong. This was a huge highlight for me and I highly recommend seeing it!

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