35 Black and White Pictures of Sri Lankan People

Sri Lankan woman out a train window

We fell in love with Sri Lanka during our 50 days spend exploring. It started to feel like home to me. My stomach still craves the rice and curry and I miss the people who treated us like family.As I was editing my pictures from Sri Lankan I was adding a lot of color into them. Then I started playing with black and white. To me, it seems like the black and white photograph eliminates all the noise. You see the picture of the person, with less distraction and less background noise.

So, I decided to do some black and whites. There are a few pictures at the bottom I left with color. But, for the most part these are back and white photographs of Sri Lankan people.

These are pictures of people we met or saw from a far. Some have stories, some are just photos. I hope you enjoy.

I will never forget this boy. As my head poked through the window, our eyes spotted each other. We ended up going back and forth playing a hide-and-seak from inside and outside the train window, bobbing up and down, waving, smiling, hiding. Eventually, I took a polaroid of him hanging out the train window and gave it to him. This led to his entire family coming over during now of the stops for some family shots. They were so friendly and thankful, even when they got off the train, the grandmother brought her granddaughter to the window to wave good-bye. Definitely one of my favorite moments on the Sri Lankan train.
Larry and Sri Lankan kids with Polaroid
After I went over to give the boy his first polaroid picture, of him hanging out the window, the entire family cam over! Three curious boys and a tiny infant granddaughter with the biggest most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.
Image of Sri Lankan baby girl
Granddaughter and her big eyes.
Sri Lankan faces
This is the boy’s grandmother holding her granddaughter to say goodbye when they finally got off at Haputhale station. She has such a beautiful smile!
Sri Lankan mother outside train
This strong and beautiful face is the boys’ mother. Taken at Haputhale station when they all got off the train, I imagine she is looking to make sure all her children got off alright.
Two Sri Lankan brothers
These two are brothers, both are fisherman. We spotted them in the south of Sri Lanka heading towards Mirissa from Unawatuna. We gave them a Polaroid picture of the two of them and asked them for a picture for us to keep. Such gorgeous expressions on their face and in their eyes.
Little boy in Mirissa
The only reason we went to Mirissa was to try a restaurant that a German couple recommended. It’s a two room house, one room is the kitchen and the other room is the bedroom – which sleeps five. This is the youngest child, the families son. The food was wonderful and the story of their restaurant was even more interesting. The dad drove a tuk-tuk for years (and still does) to save enough money to open a restaurant for his wife’s cooking. When we visited they were only six days into their business. The “restaurant” is just a hand-written sign of food choices and costs on the side of their house and theres only room a few chairs, but the food was delicious and well with it.
Safari guide in Kaudulla
Poking his head out from the safari jeep, this is our guide at Kaudulla National Park during our elephant safari. I imagine he can’t be older than 15.
Founder of Rose Quartz Mountain
We spent three weeks living at the Jungle Vista Hostel in Sigiriya. Twice we went to hike Rose Quartz Mountain for sunset. On our first trip we met this man, the man who stumbled into the woods one day and founded the mountain. Truly, one of my favorite hikes in Sri Lanka.

Two sisters on the beach

Sri Lankan boy

lady looking out train windowlady looking out train windowFace of food vender in Sri LankaSri Lanka mother

Hands folded on lapSri Lankan looking out a train windowReflection of a lady on the trainSri Lankan woman out a train window

Sri Lankan tuk-tuk driverHands covering a candleHands and drumsGirl hiding between adultsYoung girl prayingMan prayingSri Lankan woman praying

Man sleeping on train 2Man sleeping on trainBoy looking out train windowBoy looking out train windowWhale watching boat Driver in Sri Lanka Woman working in tea plantation Group of Tea Plantation workers all womenWoman working on tea plantation Woman working on tea plantation Tea plantation worker female

And the pictures of Sri Lanka in color…

Smiling Sri Lankan boySri Lankan man from outside trainreflection from a train of Sri Lankan familyBoy on a train

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