Six hours in Oslo, the Airport

Improve your flight experience and eat healthy all in one six hour airport layover

I landed at the Oslo airport after a restless flight without sleep. My thoughts paced back and forth in my mind so I began single-handedly questioning how to improve the whole airline flight experience.

Norwegian Airlines:

Norwegian is not the best airline I have flown internationally. However, they had a really cheap rate from Boston to Malta. It was terrible because Norwegian charges for alcohol. No booze and at 5″8 my seat felt tiny. My seat also didn’t have a television. So, what to do?

I was left with my thoughts and started pondering how to operate a great airline. First, their will be free alcohol and only the newest movies. Plus, I will serve farm-fresh organic food.

So what if it it isn’t realistic?

Next, I wondered how to eat healthy overseas with an auto-immune disease. I also wondered carry-on items could improve an overnight flight.

image of the Oslo Airport

Norway’s immaculate airport:

With six hours in the airport I decided to entertainment myself with by grabbing a nutritious meal, people watching, and directing my brainpower to solving the problems of flying.

I love all aspects of flying and I love being at the airport. Its great fun seeing people from different parts of the world getting ready for take off. People are also hilarious. You get the occasional crazy looking tourist. The fancy-smancy tourist, and the one running to their terminal.

Everyone has their own story. And the airport is one of the best places to uncover those stories. You’ll probably never see them again anyway so start chatting to your neighbor.

But there are also the negatives: being over-tired, being hangry and not having good food when you land, or having an over-talkative neighbor. Connecting through a busy airport is definitely the worst one.

The Oslo airport is spotless and impressive. It is a large, bright, and clean building with multiple open stories. You won’t feel congested. There are plants covering balconies and restaurants and soft acoustic music playing in the terminal background.

Without leaving the terminal, six hours in Oslo was

Eating well in the airport terminal:

With my new and improved so-called diet I needed to eat healthy! [Read my post here about why I changed my diet.] So after disembarking the plane I looked for something delicious. I wanted clean, revitalizing, wholesome food.

Luckily, the first sign I saw said, 
“We <3 veggies – Eat Green,”

It was the Haven breakfast joint and looked fantastic! I decided on a Forest bowl full of blueberries, almond milk, oatmeal, honey, banana, and almonds. Yummmm.

They also had an energy shot called the “hot shot,” which looked appetizing. The drink was designed to boost any immune system consisting of ginger, lemon, and cayenne.

Anyone who suffers from ulcerative colitis should learn that one of the best ingredients you can add to your diet is ginger. It has excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties (After coming home I started up juicing these ingredients weekly as a part of my diet).

It was important for me to feed a healthy gut. The food at the Haven was perfect because the ingredients aim to reduce inflammation.  I also recommend if you have a red-eye flight to find some nutritious food!

Haven breakfast bar in Oslo Airport

Improving your carry-on bag:

Now that I was feeling replenished I want to know how to better my next flight since I didn’t pack well enough for this one. I didn’t have a neck-pillow or eye-mask which are two main ingredients to sleeping anywhere.

First thing is organize your priorities. Mine is my auto-immune disease. If you are going to be traveling or backpacking with ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, or any auto-immune disease I recommend taking a daily turmeric or ginger supplement. It’s proven to have incredible anti-inflammatory properties and gives you a bit of piece of mind.

For a lot of health problems its important to recognize that a worried traveler is going to feel ill more readily than a prepared and stress-free traveler. So even if these act as a placebo, I’ve been taking them for a few months now and I have found myself feeling more confident when living abroad.

Secondly, what will improve your sleep? The number one thing I wish I brought with me for my flight was a sleep-mask. I can’t help but open my eyes whenever someone walks by or turns a light on, so this will help cut out the noise. I also use it at home when my boyfriend reads and I want to sleep. Compromise is key to a good relationship! — I ended up buying one!

I admit, I envy the people with neck pillows. But, I hate the idea of carrying them around. I think I’ve finally come to accept them. If you are going to be a long term flyer, buy a neck pillow. Trust me, it’s worth it.

As for telling my neighbor to cut the flatulence, I guess we’ll have to just deal with it. Next time, if you’re at the Haven at the Oslo airport, definitely try their smoothie bowls and give me a shout.

As for now, I am heading to my next connecting flight and going to Malta!

Image of docked boat in Malta


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